Fire & Water Damage

Fire and Water Damage Isn't the End for Your Furniture!

Furniture repairs in Dover, New Hampshire, surrounding areas and So. Maine can restore furniture damaged by fire and water

For many items, there's no coming back from fire and water damage. If you have furniture that has been damaged from fire, smoke or water, don't give up on it yet. The furniture repair experts at Bowen's Furniture Enhancement may be able to restore your damaged pieces to like-new condition. Call today to ask about fire and water damage repair services in Dover and New Hampshire.

Your furniture is an investment

Preserve that investment with Bowen's Furniture Enhancement

If your furniture has been damaged by a fire incident, flood or any other factor, you may not need to replace it. Preserve your investment in home furniture with Bowen's Furniture Enhancement. We can reupholster surfaces damaged and discolored by smoke and water, and can often replace portions damaged by fire. Don't give up on your valuable furniture investments, call Bowen's Furniture Enhancement for furniture repairs and restorations in Dover and New Hampshire.

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